Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello! It has been crazy and hectic around here lately and I haven't had time to blog! Brian went to France for a staff ride earlier this month. He went to northern France to learn about Normandy. They had a professional photographer on the trip with them so hopefully Brian will get some great pictures and send them my way so I can share them with you all. He got back from France on the 16th of this month.
We had some sad family news last week. Brian's grandma Ledford passed away on Saturday, the 17th of May. He was able to attend the funeral and he flew into Atlanta on Monday, the 19th and stayed through Friday the 23rd. It was a sad reason to have to go back to the states but he is glad he did and he enjoyed being with his family, and his grandpa, during that time.
Since Brian has been back we have been enjoying the great outdoors! The weather has been beautiful (although if you have allergies I guess it's not that much fun!) and we have been trying to be outside as much as possible. We had a neighborhood BBQ on Saturday, we ventured out to a flea market on Sunday and the past couple of nights we have been walking on the trails in the woods near our house. Luke loves it and walks the entire time. Last night I brought the camera along with me and snapped a few pictures. It's beautiful where we live, huh?

Luke running on the gravel path

The forest right by our house
And the train tracks...
Walking up 1 of the paths
Wheat everywhere!
And little flowers too...

We stopped at the park on the way home to play for awhile...

Well if daddy can do it so can I!
Hmmm...how do I do this?
Hanging on!
I think I like this. :) (Notice his cool baseball belt? I made that for him!)
Every time Luke sees sand, it's in his hand and then thrown on something else.
Luke loves this thing and Brian went around so many times that Luke couldn't walk! I caught it on video, it that mean? :)
Fields of flowers!
A flower in Luke's little hand
He really didn't want to leave the park so we had to distract him by finding dandelion puffs for him to shake and when those ran out we found wild daisies for him to pick. It worked like a charm.

The End!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Germany in May

Last time I posted I gave you pictures of all the plants blooming and of Luke. Today, I give you more of the same. :) I know we haven't done anything adventurous lately but we are really settling into our house and enjoying our home so we have been staying around the town on the weekends and enjoying Parsberg. Every day Luke and I enjoy the beautiful May weather (sunny and in the mid 60s) and while Luke bounces on trampolines, slides down slides and destroys flowers, I take pictures of him and of the beauty surrounding us. The neighborhood is nice and quiet during the day when the neighborhood kids are at school and I can let Luke play in the backyard while I am getting things done inside the house - I just check on him frequently but I usually hear him talking to himself or making a racket.

Yesterday Brian played in a golf tournament and when he got home we grilled out and stayed outside until way past Luke's bedtime. Luke get to bed a little after 9pm. He was so worn out that he sacked out right away. But not before we could capture some video footage! I wanted to upload our clip of Luke telling Brian all the endangered animals in the book "Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?" Luke says "take a bite of..." before saying the animal - he thinks he is pretty funny. But it is a large file and it won't upload so you'll get Luke starting his ABCs and changing it to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and then Luke bashfully singing his ABCs while I hold him. Enjoy!