Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Weekend in Garmisch

We went to Garmisch this weekend. The last time we went there was last February, remember that? (and this and this and this)  A group of families from Brian's work planned a ski trip so we tagged along so Brian could get some snowboarding in before the entire season passes without him hitting the slopes. It was a really easy trip. Brian had a great time, the kids were wonderful and I just tagged along! Luke loved staying in a "ho-towel" and getting to share a bed with daddy. Brian also took him to the pool and the big "hot pool" (hot tub) outside. We arrived on a beautiful sunny day and received a fluffy, wintery snow the following 2 days, which doesn't do much for visibility but it makes everything a winter wonderland. We went to a German restaurant in Parkenkirchen on Sunday night with a small group of people and were treated to some traditional Bavarian dancing by two young boys, probably about 11 years old, who I would guess were related to the owner and would probably be mortified if any of their friends had to watch them dance for Euros. LOL.  I really want to return to Garmisch in the summer - they still have the chair lifts open to take people to the mountain top restaurants and hiking trails.  Plus, downtown Garmisch and Partenkirchen are so quaint that I would love to wander around in some warm weather. 

Approaching the Alps
Passing through Garmisch

The view outside our hotel

Checking out the various slopes - this is the Alpspitzbahn

Austria! We crossed the border on Sunday for another day of snowboarding

Picking up Brian from the Austrian slope

After a quick bath.  :)
Nice and clean and completely passed out
I had to get another picture on him on the rocking chair - here is one from last year
At dinner on Sunday
Our waitress and little German dancer boys. LOL
Leaving the restaurant on a snowy night
Luke had a ball playing in the closet and hiding
Hmmmm....who on earth does Hannah resemble?  :)
Not her mommy!
The most delicious chocolate cake ever!
Luke and Hannah watching Handy Manny together.
Edelweiss on Monday morning on our way out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

2 month baby stats

Hannah went in for her 2 month well baby exam this morning.  She is 23 1/4 inches long and weighs 12 pounds, 4 ounces.  Luke at 2 months was 24 1/2 inches long and 13 pounds, 4 ounces. And below is another comparison picture of Luke at 2 months.  It is fun to notice the differences and the similarities.  Hannah may end up looking a little more like her mommy than Luke does.  I have a feeling if you put big round eyes on Hannah, our baby pictures might resemble each other a little more.  Either way, she is a pretty little girl and I can't wait to see what she looks like as she grows. 

Friday, March 20, 2009


As requested - more pictures!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Soldier and Preschool

When Luke was 7 months old, Brian deployed to Iraq.  I took so many pictures from that deployment day, I wanted there to be a ton of photos of Luke with his daddy and us as a family to show friends, family and Luke as he got older.  I made a video of all those photos, along with photos that friends sent me from that day, and I set it to music, Toby Keith's "American Soldier".  We watched that video a bunch while Brian was in Iraq and then once he was home, into the movie case it went.  Luke pulled it out the other day and asked what it was and I told him that it was pictures of mommy, daddy and Luke.  He put it in the DVD player and it has been played at least 2 dozen times since then.  He loves watching it, exclaiming "that's daddy on TV!" or "it's Luke and daddy and there are soldiers!" but my favorite is Luke telling me that he, too, wants to fly the "hepicopter" and when Luke sees a helicopter in the pictures he always says "be careful daddy!"  I have even caught him singing along with the video.  
This family might end up with more than one helicopter pilot.  Thank goodness I don't have to worry about that possibility for at least 15 years or so.  

Here are some pictures of our little man, who isn't so little anymore.  

A preschool update:  Luke was switched over from the part day and hourly care preschool to the full time preschool even though he is not full time.  Over at the part day and hourly care preschool, Luke was hot or cold - some days he had a great time, other days he met us at the door upset and couldn't get out of there fast enough.  There are usually 20 or more kids in that room and it can be pretty rowdy and chaotic over there.  The days that were full of chaos, Luke would tell us he doesn't want to go to preschool anymore.  About three weeks ago, the teacher of the full time preschool program took Luke over to her side of the classroom, where there is 1 teacher, 1 teachers assistant and less than 10 children.  They have a more structured curriculum and routine, the children are a little older and are ready for this type of program so there is more listening and learning and less fighting.  Luke now loves preschool, knows his teachers' names, tells me what he does each day, eats a full lunch and leaves happy.  
Anyways, Brian usually drops Luke off each day, I haven't had to take him to school since Hannah was born so when I had to take him this past Wednesday, I was preparing myself for Luke's hesitation about going to school and a possible teary goodbye from him with me trying to convince him of the fun he will have and the stories he can tell his friends.  When walking into the preschool building, Luke did tell me he didn't want to go but it was half-hearted and I laughed at him and told him he was silly.  We got to his classroom and he took a look around to see what was going on, I said hi to all the kids and then told Luke that I had to go and asked him for a hug.  He gave me a huge hug and said "I shut the door for you!" So he walked me to the door and I told him to have a great day.  He started to shut the door, then popped his head back out and said "Okay mommy! I see you Saturday!" and started to shut the door.  Saturday? LOL.  I laughed and said "I'll see you in a few hours bubba."  He popped his head back out and said "Okay, I see you in a few hours. Have a good day!", shut the door and ran back to his classroom.  Do you KNOW how nice that feels?  It was fabulous.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two of the most fabulous thing!

Baby wraps and baby smiles.  :)  

When Hannah was almost 3 weeks old, I realized that she loved being held a whole lot more than her big brother ever did.  I was having a hard time getting things done in the 10 minute windows she allowed me to put her down (I mean, can YOU clean a kitchen in 10 minutes?) and really wanted the use of BOTH my arms at once (i.e - it takes a LONG time to peck out an email with 1 hand).  I knew that I had stumbled upon some baby wraps on Etsy so I went to check them out and research them a little further.  I found a great shop called LoveyDuds and she has fantastic feedback and has made hundred and hundreds of baby wraps.  So I purchased this one and 4 days later it arrived in the mail and not only is mommy happy but Hannah is in heaven when she is wrapped up in there.  So imagine my delight when I get a package in the mail and open it to find this!  My mom sent me another wrap and Hannah and I took it for a test drive yesterday and she loved it and it is so comfortable and easy to wrap and wear. You can only imagine the things I get accomplished with her happy as a clam and with both my arms free. I'm tempted to have Brian take pictures of me at the sewing machine with her wrapped to me.  :) Here are the pics of me and my little papoose.  

And even more fabulous than baby wraps are baby SMILES!  Hannah has started to smile on a regular basis now.  We've seen her smile while sleeping (oh what wonderful dreams she must have) and we've seen her smile while stretching but these are smiles that we get when we talk to her and last night she was a smiling machine so I busted out the camera and started snapping away.  Enjoy the pics of baby smiles and if you know anyone who has a baby or is going to have a baby, check out those baby wraps - they are the best! 

Our little lady is 6 weeks old today!