Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two of the most fabulous thing!

Baby wraps and baby smiles.  :)  

When Hannah was almost 3 weeks old, I realized that she loved being held a whole lot more than her big brother ever did.  I was having a hard time getting things done in the 10 minute windows she allowed me to put her down (I mean, can YOU clean a kitchen in 10 minutes?) and really wanted the use of BOTH my arms at once (i.e - it takes a LONG time to peck out an email with 1 hand).  I knew that I had stumbled upon some baby wraps on Etsy so I went to check them out and research them a little further.  I found a great shop called LoveyDuds and she has fantastic feedback and has made hundred and hundreds of baby wraps.  So I purchased this one and 4 days later it arrived in the mail and not only is mommy happy but Hannah is in heaven when she is wrapped up in there.  So imagine my delight when I get a package in the mail and open it to find this!  My mom sent me another wrap and Hannah and I took it for a test drive yesterday and she loved it and it is so comfortable and easy to wrap and wear. You can only imagine the things I get accomplished with her happy as a clam and with both my arms free. I'm tempted to have Brian take pictures of me at the sewing machine with her wrapped to me.  :) Here are the pics of me and my little papoose.  

And even more fabulous than baby wraps are baby SMILES!  Hannah has started to smile on a regular basis now.  We've seen her smile while sleeping (oh what wonderful dreams she must have) and we've seen her smile while stretching but these are smiles that we get when we talk to her and last night she was a smiling machine so I busted out the camera and started snapping away.  Enjoy the pics of baby smiles and if you know anyone who has a baby or is going to have a baby, check out those baby wraps - they are the best! 

Our little lady is 6 weeks old today!

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Kelsey said...

Hannah is a doll - glad you found a solution for her desire to be held - Michael was much the same way in the beginning!