Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Weekend in Garmisch

We went to Garmisch this weekend. The last time we went there was last February, remember that? (and this and this and this)  A group of families from Brian's work planned a ski trip so we tagged along so Brian could get some snowboarding in before the entire season passes without him hitting the slopes. It was a really easy trip. Brian had a great time, the kids were wonderful and I just tagged along! Luke loved staying in a "ho-towel" and getting to share a bed with daddy. Brian also took him to the pool and the big "hot pool" (hot tub) outside. We arrived on a beautiful sunny day and received a fluffy, wintery snow the following 2 days, which doesn't do much for visibility but it makes everything a winter wonderland. We went to a German restaurant in Parkenkirchen on Sunday night with a small group of people and were treated to some traditional Bavarian dancing by two young boys, probably about 11 years old, who I would guess were related to the owner and would probably be mortified if any of their friends had to watch them dance for Euros. LOL.  I really want to return to Garmisch in the summer - they still have the chair lifts open to take people to the mountain top restaurants and hiking trails.  Plus, downtown Garmisch and Partenkirchen are so quaint that I would love to wander around in some warm weather. 

Approaching the Alps
Passing through Garmisch

The view outside our hotel

Checking out the various slopes - this is the Alpspitzbahn

Austria! We crossed the border on Sunday for another day of snowboarding

Picking up Brian from the Austrian slope

After a quick bath.  :)
Nice and clean and completely passed out
I had to get another picture on him on the rocking chair - here is one from last year
At dinner on Sunday
Our waitress and little German dancer boys. LOL
Leaving the restaurant on a snowy night
Luke had a ball playing in the closet and hiding
Hmmmm....who on earth does Hannah resemble?  :)
Not her mommy!
The most delicious chocolate cake ever!
Luke and Hannah watching Handy Manny together.
Edelweiss on Monday morning on our way out.

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Robin@creations-anew.com said...

I love the "restraunt" photo....and my #1 son use to say "hotel"..."helltell" EHEHEHEHE..Kids are great!