Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Pilot?

Today was shadow day at Brian's work and he took Luke into the office with him. And since Brian is a part of the Falcons aviation team, the office includes the flight line. Luke was able to check out an actual helicopter - inside and out. Brian said he had a great time climbing in, pressing buttons and peeking out the windows. He spent an hour and a half at daddy's office and when I came to pick him up he told me all about it and said he wants to fly the "hepicopter" too.

And speaking of flying, Brian, among others, flew the "burgermeisters" (mayors) of the local towns around in their helicopters the other day. We were able to see their helicopters fly right by our house as they landed in Lupburg. It was a gorgeous day out and Brian took pics from the air.

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