Monday, November 3, 2008


Luke started preschool today, can you believe it? I don't know that it was the best day of his life but the teachers said he did pretty well. Although Luke won't be 3 until the end of next month, they squeezed him into the part day time preschool program. He will go 3 days a week for 4 hours a day and the kids in the room are ages 3 to 5. I'm thrilled that he was able to get into the room with the older kids because not only do I think it will be good for his socialization, but he will constantly be stimulated and will follow the kids leads. If he were in the 3 and under room, I know that he would be restless and bored and that would lead to a lot of heart ache for Brian and I having to drop off a miserable child.
Anyways, Brian and I dropped Luke off in his classroom at 8:30am and let him walk around to check everything out. He seemed pretty content and was engrossed in watching some boys stack dominoes so we said "see ya!" to the teacher and walked out the door. As we walked by the window to his room in the hallway, Luke caught a glimpse of me and immediately his face changed. I waited a minute and peeked back through the window and saw Luke standing still, rubbing his eyes while Chris squatted in front of him and talked him through it. I was pretty confident that they could handle it and they did.
When I went to pick Luke up, I asked how he did and I admit I was a little worried. Chris said that he was great all day but that he asked about me (or told Chris about me) every 5 to 10 minutes or so when they were inside. He also said that Luke really wanted to go outside and play (the door to the playground was open when we came in the room because the heat was up too high), but that they played outside for about 45 minutes so Luke was pacified. :) Now I have to say, THAT is the difference in watch care (day care) workers and preschool teachers. The fact that Chris told me that Luke had a really good day FIRST and then told me of the little nuances SECOND and without any concern or stress about it, put me at ease. When I pick up Luke from watch care, they tell me right away that Luke has been asking about me the entire time and that he doesn't want to play much. Gah! It drives me nuts - I feel like I have to give the watch care workers a little lesson on "how to make a happy child" and remind them of the power of distraction, the power of interaction and the power of validation. The preschool teachers acknowledged Luke's feelings, didn't get stressed about it and let it roll. They carried on their normal scheduled day with circle time, play time, outdoor time, clean up time, etc....and Luke rolled with the punches, all while reminding them that "mommy be back in a couple hours". But honestly, I think that preschool teachers (and kindergarten and maybe all elementary ed) have seen it all and know that any and every child can have a crazy quirk of their own. AND, they all know that it takes a couple weeks for a child to get in the groove and get comfortable with the new surroundings, new people, new routine, etc....and eventually they thrive and flourish. Luke is one of the youngest kids in the classroom and I am so excited to see what he is going to pick up and learn from not only the teachers but the kids that he interacts with (and here's hoping it's nothing awful! LOL). I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to put him in this situation and I feel very at ease with it. He is at a really good age, eager to learn and although he misses me while I am gone, I know that he has plenty of activity and stimulation and that for the most part he is pretty happy.
And a little about this cool preschool room that he gets to be a part of - is a big room - 2 main sections (1 on either side of the room) with sub sections in each main section. The entry way to the room are the kids cubbies and the middle of the room is the kids wash area and bathrooms - all kid sized and kid friendly. They really encourage the kids to do everything by themselves - go potty, wash their own hands, throw away the paper towel. etc, etc....There is a computer corner (I KNOW!!! crazy!), a music corner, an arts and crafts area, a building and construction area, a science area, an imaginary play area and a big circle time area. The circle time area is where the "school" part takes place and is complete with numbers, letters, days of the week, months of the year, seasons and clocks telling time, all over the walls. Oh, and what I am sure is Luke's favorite part, doors that lead to their very own playground. Each age group has their own playground with age appropriate equipment and activities and the kids love going outside. Parents are more than welcome to sit in to observe to see what is going on in the classroom but I think that I'll wait a few months before I check that out. I want to see Luke comfortable and in his element, not in that awkward stage where he is still trying to figure things out and doesn't necessarily follow along. (I know that sounds lame but that would cause me stress, unwarranted and unwanted stress.)
So, today was a good day. As soon as Luke noticed me (I actually had to call his name a couple time and say hi before he "discovered" me), he ran over and said "let's go to the car!" All the kids were getting ready for their naps so we went over to the cubbies to get his jacket and I sat to ask him about his day. Ha! You sure don't get a lot of information from a 2 year old little boy. All he told me was that he had a good day and had fun. And as I asked him questions, he repeated them back to me. "Did you play outside today?" ("Did you play outside?"), "Did you have fun playing with the kids?" ("Have fun playing with kids") But then I asked him if he got to play on the piano and you could see his little brain working and him look at me and say "Yuke (Luke) play the piano!" - telling me that he WANTED to play but didn't get to. I'll have to remember that when I drop him off on Wednesday and tell them that if he is talking too much about mommy that he might enjoy playing in the music corner for awhile. (Do teachers like you letting them know about little "tricks" that work with your kids?)
I know, I know, this post is really long and probably beneficial only to me, as I get to type out my free flowing thoughts about childcare and attempt to appease myself and feel perfectly at ease about my little boy going to preschool at such a young age. (let it go.....let it go....) ;) What it comes down to is that I am not enough for my little man. He is curious about everything, interested in everything, wants to DO everything....and hanging out with mom every day (as much as we have fun and I do little projects and activities with him at home), it is not the same as that social interaction you get with other kids and the structure you get with teachers and the variety of COOL THINGS that you get to go (that mom doesn't necessarily think of), you know? All in all, preschool is cool and I'm cool with that. :)

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I do think teachers can use little tips or tricks for your kids, especially if you offer it as a suggestion and not as a MUST. It also helps to write something down - it always drove me crazy when parents would try to tell me something important right at drop off or pick up because attention is always divided in those moments. So maybe a little note for his teacher?

It sounds like Luke did really well for his first day - he'll love it!