Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun with Mom

Today marks the end of Luke's preschool session and the next one doesn't start up until September 8th.  That means he has 8 full days at home with mom and his baby sister.  Can I get a "Woot!"?  I ordered a book from - 365 things to do with your preschooler (or something to that effect) and it was supposed to be here today but alas, it's not and I'm not sure that we'll have it during our week of fun.  :) I plan on taking him to the park with the zip-line, and up to Grafenwohr (another military base with a huge PX and food court) for a day. The Play-Doh, water colors and acrylic paints are on standby. His little pool is in the backyard and is ready to be filled on a hot day (if any decide to come our way). We have books galore and we have the wii (*not that I am saying that is a fantastic activity for a preschooler to do with his time but it does require moving in order to play it so he gets in some activity while I sew or clean or update our blog.) But what I really wanted were a bunch of fun, no thought involved activities that someone else planned for me (the reason WHY I purchased said book), like an outdoor scavenger hunt or how to make a bug out of a plastic cup and pipe cleaners. Now I'll have to think up my own scavenger hunt for him and figure out how to make my own darn bug.  I think we'll make it (it IS only 8 days after all) and I think we'll have fun.  I'll let you know how it goes. And if anyone else has any fun activities for us (especially those from when we were little - like making colored salt with chalk!), let me know.  

Edited to add: The books are here! The books are here! Caterpillars made from egg cartons, here we come!  Woot!

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Kelsey said...

Have fun with your two kiddos! Let me know if you want a recipe for koolaid play dough... it lasts a long time in the fridge and it smells awesome!

(You could probably also just find it online if you search!)