Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh my gosh, it's 2010

And I haven't written a blog post in over a month! Honestly, it has been so much easier to keep up with friends and family on Facebook. Blogger takes a LONG time to upload pictures. Even when Facebook can't find it's server and hiccups on me, it still takes less time to get all my pictures up to show the world (just kidding, privacy protection is ON, I just show off my babies to family and friends). But we HAVE had a very busy December and so far, are having a fantastic 2010!
On December 1st, our household goods arrived in Lubbock, an entire 3 weeks early! It took a couple weeks to get settled into our new house and we still haven't quite emptied our garage of boxes and our master bedroom closet is atrocious but really, who besides us goes in there? :)
Steven came to Lubbock to hang out with all of us in the middle of December and we had fun with late nights of dominoes and lots of Super Mario playing on the Wii. We had our Christmas dinner on the 23rd with Dave, Sara and Cristian. It was great to have them all over again and eat a lot of food and open a few presents. The kids (and by kids I mean the GUYS) played Super Mario yet again and once the babies went to bed, we played dominoes and either Dave or Brian won. I really can't remember who but they are the ones that always seem to win. ;) On the 24th it snowed and snowed and snowed. Lubbock can't handle a lot of snow so the roads were really bad and Christmas Eve church services all over the city were cancelled. Christmas morning was bright and sunny but still freezing and still treacherous on the roads so the weathermen suggested to stay put. So we did. Hannah's first Christmas was a LOT of fun. This was the first year that Luke really got into Christmas and talked about Santa and the Christmas trees and reindeer. He also watched Mickey Mouse's A Christmas Carol (from way back when) over and over and over and just loved it. The kids loved their presents and of course, Luke played with Hannah's toys, Hannah checked out Luke's toys, then Luke played with all the toys while Hannah ate wrapping paper. We rang in the new year by doing absolutely nothing exciting since we are old, boring and have little kids. ;) But Brian is living it up in San Antonio as I type this, at the Alamo Bowl - Texas Tech vs Michigan State. GO RED RAIDERS!!!
What else? Well, Hannah is working on a few more teeth, Luke asks us how to spell EVERYTHING and then tells us how things are spelled. "Mommy, how do you spell refrigerator? M-S-R-A-T-X-4. That spells refrigerator!" lol. But he does remember some of the words we work on, cat, dog, mom, dad, hannah. Brian starts school on the 15th of this month. And don't forget that he turns 33 on the 14th which makes him old. Very very old. Hannah banana turns ONE on the 21st and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party is in the works so if you want to attend, bring your mouse ears. And me? Well I've been sewing like crazy of course! I am taking full advantage of Brian being home and since he is a HUGE help with the kids, I have time to sew and create. I've been making nursing pads, diaper covers, bib clips and minky bib squares and hair bow gardens! And I'm even dabbling in making hair bows - focusing on bows for babies, infants and little ones - in keeping along with the "andMore" of FrayBabyBibsandMore. I really want my shop to be a fun one stop shop for new moms and moms of little girls. I plan on making some rompers, dresses, matching bloomers and paci pouches - this is, of course, once I figure out how to add 4 additional hours to each day so I can have time to implement all of my grand plans. I'm taking it a day at a time, however, and really enjoying making new things.
I will try to do a better job of posting over here. If nothing else, I'll make sure I get some pictures up of the birthday girl (oh and the birthday daddy as well)
Happy New Year!

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