Monday, July 28, 2008

By popular demand...

Really? A picture of me? Ahhh, I get it. You all just want to see how pregnant I look. Well, although the pooch is noticeable in person - all my neighbors are getting excited by the barely noticeable pooches going on (there are 3 pregnant women in my neighborhood) - on camera, well, I think I just look a little thick. :)

Luke and I filled up his pool with water again this morning, this time allowing about 5 hours for it to warm up (once again, he can't swim until after nap time!). He does surprisingly well with this rule and is just happy to help fill up the pool. He held the hose the entire time - wow, 30 minutes of just standing there, waiting for the pool to fill, and he loved every minute of it. And since I, of course, think my child is uber cute and I can't get over the fact that he is growing up so fast, I had to take more pictures. So sorry if you are feeling inundated by Luke pictures but come on people, this is our family blog and I know there is a high demand for Luke pictures in some sects of the family (grandparents anyone?).

So without further ado, here are our pictures from our fun, sunny, summer morning -

It's me!! Oh, I am squatting and it is kind of shaded....okay, next!

Here you go. It's me, a little over 14 weeks along, hanging out with Luke. (If you click on the picture it will open in jumbo size!)

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