Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Frère Jacques - Luke's version

I taught Luke to sing Frère Jacques and he just loves it. Lately he does or says silly things to try to make us laugh and he changed up the third line of the song a little bit for some laughs. The first time he sang it I about died because it was so funny and he was so cute - he loved the reaction and kept singing it over and over and over. I had him sing it for Brian (without telling him that Luke changed some words) and Brian about died laughing as well and since Luke loved that reaction as well.....well, let's just say that this song is sung many times a day in our house and Luke will repeat his little "punchline" over and over and over until we say "ahhhh...you are so funny!" and then he does a crazy little "haaa!" It makes his day. Here's a video clip - it isn't his best performance but you can hear him sing. :) Enjoy! (Sorry about his lack of clothes - he just woke up from a nap which explains his wonky hair as well. But notice the lack of diaper? That's right! Our little guy is potty trained and in big boy underpants full time! He just decided last Monday that he didn't want to wear diapers anymore and we haven't looked back! YAY!)


Alisha Lofgren said...

Aloha Liz,
I have a question, was it that easy to potty train Luke? Kaleb does not seem ready at all. I know he's still young. That's awesome that he is already potty trained! I hope it will work out the same for Kaleb!

Lace said...

I LOVE IT! He is growing up! AWWW... That was Dakota's bday he sang that on! NICE! :-) I love his undies too!~ BIG BOY! Miss you!