Saturday, October 25, 2008


We had a Hail and Farewell last night we had to attend for Brian's work and since it is so close to the end of October, it was a costume Hail and Farewell! We ordered costumes a few weeks ago but they didn't arrive in time so at the eleventh hour we all decided to put on overalls and go as farmers! (Honestly, that was the only thing that would fit me so really, what were my options? And NO, I am not going to paint my belly.) So, with Brian and Luke in boots and cowboy hats and me in boots and my big blue UK hat (hmm, I guess I was the redneck in our farmer family), we set out to the Hail and Farewell being held at a German restaurant a few towns over from us. Everyone was in costume and the 2 poor souls who didn't dress up had costumed provided for them by the LTC (a sumo wrestler and a gothic woman) and fun was had by all.

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