Sunday, February 15, 2009


That awful fever that Luke had? I got it!  So that is what I've been up to - shaking, shivering, sweating, freezing, all while taking care of a 3 year old who was recovering from an awful bug and a newborn who we were desperately trying to keep healthy.  For the record, we succeeded in keeping Hannah germ free and I finally shook my 103 fever (after 2 days).  I think this crud is on it's way out but Luke does go back to preschool this week and who knows what fabulous germ treat he will bring home.  Ugg.  Anyways, I have pictures on our cameras that need to be uploaded and posted but I have a gazillion other things that I need to get to first AND the baby is down for the night so I have to hurry and get to bed so I can get some good sleep.  I'd love to tell you how many hours my child has been sleeping at night, at the ripe old age of 3 1/2 weeks, but I don't want to jinx it.  All I have to say is that it is fabulous and I almost feel like a new person when I wake up.  
I'll write a decent update soon, along with a birth story which people keep asking me about but I haven't had time to type it all out.  I hope I remember everything.  I do have mommy brain going on right now.  

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