Friday, May 15, 2009

We've been having fun!

Grandma and Grandpa are in town and we have been busy! It is a lot of work being a tourist but we have been having so much fun. The weather was supposed to be cruddy the entire time they were here and although it rained a few days, the days that we headed out ended up being perfect! We went to Nurnberg (the Old Town and the zoo!), Velburg, Rothenburg, and Regensberg. So many bergs, so little time. ;) I hope we showed them a great time - we had a lot of fun and enjoyed their company. And right as Luke was getting warmed up and really having fun with his grandparents around, they have to leave to return to their lives in Tennessee. We are glad they came out to hang out with us and to meet their newest little one, Hannah. 

 Monday - The Zoo!

Luke totally dug the polar bears.  He could have stood here all day watching them pace back and forth and play in the water. 
And his other favorite, the giraffes.  It was one of the only times I could get him to smile at the camera and it was only because he was so excited to get his picture taken with Melman (you know, the giraffe from Madagascar)
Eating lunch at the old wursthaus in Nuremberg
Flower stands in the market

Wednesday - Rothenburg!
Kathe Wolfahrt shop

Market square - everyone waiting for the bells to chime.

Reading books with grandpa
Hannah in her Bumbo!
Friday - On the train to Regenberg!  

Old brathaus in Regenberg

On the Old Stone Bridge
Climbing a tree at the Eis cafe - we had to stop and relax after our long walk over the bridge, down to the fest and back!  We also stopped for lunch, walked along the river and peeked in all the churches and cathedrals!

Headed home - what a fun day! 


Kelsey said...

Looks like a fun week! I love when you do touristy stuff because I sometimes see things I remember from our Germany visit about nineteen years ago.

LOVE that last photo!

American in Norway said...

MAN...we missed EVERYTHING on our way to Bavaria from Berlin.. OK, I am already planning our next trip back! LOL... You all need to get up to Berlin & take the kids to Tropical Island