Saturday, September 19, 2009

A lesson from Luke

Today while driving home from the Flohmarkts we visited in Nurnberg, Luke was singing songs to Hannah and somehow we all started talking about bugs, critters and animals.  It started out with Luke calling out an animal and me making the sound. He called out butterfly and since I have no idea what noise a butterfly makes, I asked him if he knew what caterpillars turned into. Since he just learned all about caterpillars last month, he shouted out "butterflies!" He then informed us that they also turn into bumblebees. I said, no, they don't turn into bumblebees but that bumblebees have stingers. Luke told us that bumblebees AND wasps have stingers but they don't sting him! So I told him that bees make honey. "Honey?!?" he exclaimed and went back to singing. "The chickens give us eggs, the chickens give us eggs, high ho the dairy oh, the chickens give us eggs!" "That's right!", I said, "bees give us honey, chickens give us eggs and do you know what cows give us?"  "Cows?" Luke repeated, "POOP!" Cows give us POOP!"  Umm, not exactly the answer I was looking for but I can't argue!  :)

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