Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day Trip - Poland

We headed to Poland yesterday morning around 8:30am. By the time we filled the car with gas and got coffee, we were on the road by 9am. We arrived in Poland around 2pm and had right around 3-4 hours to shop. Not much time according to Polish Pottery shopping standards and we cut it even shorter by taking a break around 3:30pm for a late lunch. The lunch took up about an hour of my precious shopping time but it was so worth it. Check out the pictures to see the beautiful and charming place we ate at. Brian ordered a traditional Polish dish - meat and rice wrapped up in cabbage (like a huge burrito) and covered in a light tomato sauce. It was amazing! I ordered potato pancakes with sour cream and fried apple pancakes for Luke and I and they were so, so, so, so stinking good. That was one of the best lunches I've ever had and it made the trip entirely worth it. :) We resumed shopping for another hour and then headed home. Yup, we drove home that night and were back in our own bed by 11:15pm.  Hmmm, I wonder if I can make it there one more time before we head back to the states.  :) 



Brian and Kerum said...

Again, so jealous...LOVE polish pottery! I only have two pieces...and one of the pieces has a broken lid. Boo!

Glad you're getting in the shopping before you move back to the States.

Cute pictures of the kids...they grow so fast!

Kathy said...

I am jealous. Wish I was still there. Kids look so cute. You look good yourself.

Kelsey said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Brian ate cabbage rolls - a friend of mine has an excellent recipe for those. If you want it after you get settled, contact me and let me know.