Monday, October 5, 2009

7 days! Ack!

On the 29th of September we received our orders telling us that we are moving on October 22nd, a few weeks earlier than we originally thought. We then found out that our movers were going to be at our house bright and early on October 12th! Since then we have been busy cleaning, decraping, organizing, making trips to the thrift store and to the refuse facility. The fish have found a new home and will be transported to our neighbor's house tonight. The a/c and tv stand are at the thrift store waiting for buyers. The lawn has been mowed one last time and our other neighbors are now the proud owners of our electric lawn mower and weed whacker. I just completed three BIG custom FrayBaby orders and have a few small ones to finish up. I am having a crafters open house on Thursday at yet another neighbor's house where I hope to sell even more items. The more I sell, the less has to get packed up and shipped over the ocean. We still have to sort out 1300 pounds of "hold baggage" - the items that will get flown over the ocean and arrive to our new house in November. The rest of our household will not arrive until right before Christmas! It is always a challenge to try to guess what you will need for a month before the rest of your stuff shows up. Luke is finishing up his last 2 weeks of preschool and I'm hoping to squeeze Hannah in to the doctor for a 9 month well baby check up. No shots at the 9 month, just a health check. I also have to find a health care provider in Lubbock and it looks like the University accepts Tricare and we won't have any out of pocket expenses - yay! The cars get shipped out this Friday (the Mini) and Monday the 19th (Pacifica) - who knows how long those will take to arrive. :( We're still busy, busy, busy but if anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to post about it. :)

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