Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's here! It's here!

Our stuff is here! It is arrived! It is in Germany! Our dishes, couches, tables, rugs, beds, pictures, pillows, lamps, clothes, tools, toys, etc, etc, etc...are here! Oh my gosh I am so excited - all of it here - a little over 3 weeks early. I can not wait to unpack and set up our rooms, hang pictures and mirrors on the walls, put away clothes and load up the shelves in the closets! But alas, this is the Army, and although the contents of our entire house have arrived, they can not deliver everything until NEXT Thursday. sigh. Well, at least I have a week to try to arrange rooms in my head, and just think of all the cool things I will discover when we start unpacking! Our house has been packed up for over 2 months now and I can only imagine all of the things I forgot about. It will be like Christmas all over again. Followed by trips to the post thrift store or German Goodwill (hmm, do they have those?) to donate all the stuff I wonder why I sent over in the first place.
Anyways - next Thursday! Woohoo!

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Kelsey said...

Maybe you can post some home tour pictures when you're all unpacked. That is really exciting news.