Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh the things you will learn...

little tidbits from germany...

it drives my husband nuts when i say germish. like "i really need to learn to speak germish" or "i love germish food". i know that it is german, not germish. i am funny! he does not think i am funny. oh well. no more germish.

there are 3.78 liters in 1 gallon. there is 1.48 dollars to 1 EURO. gas costs 1.33 EUROS. 1 gallon of gas costs 5.03 EUROS. so 1 gallon of gas costs $7.45 on the economy! the sweet deal? you get 400 liters (105.8 gallons) worth of gas coupons a month that you purchase at $3.14 a gallon! you then redeem the coupons at whatever gas station you desire.

german is a very difficult language to understand. not a lot of their words resemble english words and their accent is so masculine. it is neat to listen to but i can not understand a thing that is being said. at first i hated this and was intimidated by it. but today, after a day trip to regensberg, it was nice to be in our own little world and not have to listen to everyone talking, yelling or scolding their children - when you don't understand the language you don't hear as much. so it was calm and peaceful and we really enjoyed ourselves. (and brian ordered the food for us - i'll have to work up to that)

you can drive WAY fast on the autobahns (highways) - there are parts that are 100km/h (62mph) but that is usually a bend in the road. otherwise the sky is the limit - or i guess until your tires fall off and you spin into a ditch is the limit. i caught brian going 150kmh and i thought i was going to pass out - until a car ZOOMED by us and i realized we were the geezers on the road. ha!

we have a mcdonalds down the street from us. we went to the mccafe and got some mccoffee and then went through the mcdrivethru. brian ordered - un happy meal with nuggets, ein milch, svie (sp??) cheeseburgers (yup, nuggets and cheeseburgers are nuggets and cheeseburgers) and i was all excited because how easy was that??? then she speaks german back to us and i have not a clue. so we pull up to the window and repeat the order - yup, she had it right and then she spits out some german. ohhhhhh, the total....well shoot, i have no freaking clue what you said so here is some money and you take what you need. actually, brian kind of understood her so he knew what bill to give her but wasn't sure about the coins. it was 5.60 euros. i need to learn germish, i mean german.

to all my diet coke loving coke in germany (and in all of europe i believe) tastes like poo. it is called coke light and it is just not good. i have tried it a few times thinking i can convince myself to like it and it just isn't happening. ick. diet poo.

little german kids are so cute and so social. there have been at least 5 that have walked up to luke and started talking to him in the last few days when we are out and about. the first time this happened a little boy luke's size, but probably a year older than luke, came up to him as i was putting him in his stroller. the cute little boy starts talking to me in german. oh no. he is so cute and germish, i mean german, and he keeps talking to me and smiling and then pausing like he is asking me questions. and i am just smiling at him and telling luke to say hallo! so the little boy thinks i am a big dumb mommy and starts talking to luke and luke is thoroughly engrossed by his babbling and probably the accent and luke starts saying 'OCEAN! BLUE OCEAN! DUCKS IN OCEAN!" and the little boy looks at him like he is insane and walks away. oh man, we need to learn german. i can not have cute little german children looking at my child like he is an alien. i hope that little boy understands we are americans who speak english and not just total tards who can't talk.

and i'll end on --- ICH MOCHTE EIN MILCHSNACK, BITTE means, "I'd like a milk snack, please" (Milksnacks are yummy little german s'more-like cookie treats. And yes, i would like one.)

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