Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's that you say? You want to know some more German?

For those of you itching to learn some more German...

Note: make sure you say these with a strong German accent! No twangs, drawls or any other American accent. Think Hanz and Franz - "Ve are going to PAMP (hits chest) you up!" (Old Saturday Night Live anyone? No, well nevermind then...)

English word/phrase - German word/phrase (pronounciation)
please - bitte (bit-a)
thanks - danke (donk-a)
good - gut (goot)
How much does that cost? - Wieviel kostet das? (Vee-vel cost-et das?)
I don't speak German - Ich spreche kein Deutch (Eek shrpreck-ay kine doy-ch)
Where is the bathroom? (Very important!) - Wo ist die Toilette? (Vo eest dee tolet-ay?)

Some words we learned while on our trip...
Dog - hund (hoond)
Mountain - berg (burg)
Cold - kalt (kalt)
One more - noch ein (knock eye-n)
Tea - tee (tay)

And the Sesame Street edition...
Red - rot (rote)
Blue - blau (blaw)
Green - grun (groon)
Yellow - gelb (gelb)
One - eins (eye-ns)
Two - zwei (zvy)
Three - drei (dry)

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