Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not for Sale

An update mostly for the grandparents because they are probably the only ones who think this is cute - and they miss Luke the most!

As you know I have been quite the entrepreneur and opened a shop on Etsy. Last week I retook a bunch of the pictures of my items on a bed of white chenille. Luke woke up from his nap and saw me taking pictures of my latest bib and burp cloth set and he walked over to it and picked it up, placed it aside and put his gross blankie in it's place. Then he sat beside it and said "Luke camera, blankie camera. Cheese!" And I obliged. After all, he is a lot cuter than a burp cloth.

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Lace said...

TEE HEEE... i think i love these shots! I have been skimming through some of your days and videos! Luke is adorable! But i love these pictures in a row! HA!