Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miss us?

Where have we been? Why haven't I updated the blog? Well, we've been here, at home, enjoying the sunny days of spring. And I've been busy blogging on Fray Baby and listing new items in my shop. But have no fear! We still make time for fun and we've been to a JMRC formal, a kiddie carnival and have been strolling around the neighborhood playing in the parks, bouncing on the trampolines and snapping pictures of all the flowers blooming.

Here is Luke at the spring carnival. And what is that in his hand? That is our new pet - a fish.

He has no name. I guess we should name him but he is living in a Pyrex measuring cup and we thought he might be belly up by now but he seems to have taken to us. (Why is Mr. Fish living in my Pyrex? Well, every child at the carnival got a little fishie and therefore the small fishie supply area at the PXtra is cleaned out. They did give us a small baggie of fishie flakes to feed Mr. Fish so don't worry, he isn't going hungry. Just look how healthy he looks!)

Luke sitting on the couch enjoying his bowl of popcorn. Notice the short sleeves? Yup, it was that nice out this weekend.
On your mark...get set...Go! Luke loves running all over the place. Brian took him in the jogger stroller on his morning run the other day and then let him run free afterwards. It was a gorgeous day - he didn't even need the jacket but Luke associates being outside with having to wear a jacket so he insisted.

Pictures of the trees and flowers in bloom! Aren't they beautiful? And they are all in my neighborhood. I think I need to get a few planters and add to the splendor.

Our backyard is enveloped into the community backyard where there are a bunch of toys, some slides, swings and a trampoline. Thankfully there is a mesh "wall" around it so I don't have a heart attack when I see Luke haphazardly bouncing around. He likes to throw all the balls on it and climb up and jump around. We try to go outside during the day when the big kids are in school so he can bounce around without getting wounded. Here is a little footage of the endless fun he can have on a trampoline. Enjoy. :)

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