Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh tell me this isn't being productive!

Brian started a rotation this week and that means long hours - he leaves the house around 7am and doesn't return until 10pm, sometimes later. Luke and I have entire days to ourselves and at the same time, I am on a sewing rampage. I am cutting, ironing, sewing and snipping and then snapping pictures of my creations and uploading them to my store. I obviously can't do this all day and neglect my child so I create projects to do with Luke, I mean, as cute as it is to watch him meticulously move aside my fabrics so he and his blankie can lay on my cutting mat, he can't stay there all day. Besides, he tries to be helpful and bring me my scissors and is always reminding me that the iron is hot (he has experience with this, remember?) and scissors can give you owies. So along with running an occassional errands (to the store, the post office) and afternoon trips to the park (weather permitting), I have come up with fun things for us to do and I can say we have been creative, productive people.




Ummm...reviewing a cinematic triumph??

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