Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A hack and a cough and a zizzle zizzle - oooo

Today's update is going to be a quicky due to the fac that I have caught some crud and am not feeling that energetic or bloggy.

Oh, but before I start - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! It's a big one - 60! And he made it there despite the fact he has 3 rotten kids that have caused him heartache and pain throughout the years. HAHA - just kidding! We are fabulous kids, duh. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Okay, continuing on...

I have been sewing again, notice the link to my Fray Baby blog over there? ----->
I am making bibs, burp cloths and blankies, all which require ironing before pinning and sewing can commence. All day long Luke was telling me "hot iron, no touch, owwies." Yes, smart little one, irons are hot and can give you owwies. Upon ironing completin, I unplugged the iron, set it on the counter, closed the door to the room and put the ironing board in front of the closed door. Luke was occupied and happily playing in his room so I began sewing in the room next to his. It wasn't a couple of minutes before I hear a scream and then "oooooooooooooo". I get up and find the previously blocked off door wide open and Luke standing in the doorway grabbing his hand and howling "iron hot!!! hurt da hand!!!" Holy cow, the howling continued for at least 20 minutes, followed by almost an hour of crying, eventually winding down to sniffles, before the pain subsided. Luke received his very first lesson in how hot the iron actually is, I guess he just couldn't fully believe it until he lived it, and man, did he live it. In all his pain I hate to giggle at him, but while cooling his hand with ice wrapped in a towel, he would get distracted for a second and start walk away from me. The burn would come surging back and he would run to me with panic in his eyes going "ooooo mommy towel! cold towel!" and he would lunge for me resting his hand gently on the towel. By bedtime he had recovered and we read books together. For those of you who know Sandra Boynton books, we read "The Going to Bed Book" all the time. And it starts out like this -

"The sun has set, not long ago,
now everybody goes below..."
and ends with -
"The day is done, they say goodnight
and sombody turns off the light -

Did you get that? Anyway, he looks like a happy camper doesn't he? He is too tough to let that burn bother him (bother him longer than 2 hours at least - ha!)

Um, did anybody get my Sandra Boynton knock off for this blog post title? No, okay, nevermind.

Brian wants to go explore Regensburg again this weekend, or at least the outskirts of the city. Something about old castles? I can't remember with all this crud in my head. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I'll be back to blogging about German history and landmarks soon in case any of you are going through withdrawal. Until then - peace out. :)

Oh, and to translate Luke for you all - "The moon is high. The sea is deep. We rock, and rock, and rock to sleep."

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Kelsey said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. Sorry about that burn. Sadly, sometimes it's the only way they "get it."