Friday, March 7, 2008

Why having a hubby really pays off - reason 173

We got my car today! WOOHOO! And all I had to do was tag along for the ride.
I pretty much can handle anything - from scooping gunk out of the garbage disposal to traveling overseas with a toddler, but there are certain things that I just don't want to do. And one of those things is go to the Vehicle Processing Center to sit around and wait to sign papers, papers and more papers and after signing said papers, walk into the car holding area and inspect EVERY SINGLE SQUARE INCH of my car before driving it off the lot. So hubby does it, willingly. Brian proudly drove my car over to where Luke and I were hanging out in the Beemer (haha, that sounds so pretentious, it is a little old used BMW. BMWs here are like Hondas in the states). I hopped out and ran over to my lovely (filthy) baby (a little excited, no?) but alas, hubby was not finished with his services - he said the car needed to be cleaned (true), that the tires needed air (true), that the car needed gas (true) and that there was a minor injury to the car (what?!?!?!). I peered around to the drivers side and looked where he was pointing - to the wheel, actually, the rim. He was asking me if that small gouge (scratch really) hidden in all the filth was there before we moved. I hadn't a clue but it was the wheel so what did I care? Turns out if it was there, the car transporter people didn't document it (and these people document EVERYTHING) and if it wasn't there and the damage occured en route, well, who cares! It's a boo-boo on the rim (the wheel, the bottom of the car where things become dirty and stay dirty) of the car, oh no, now my ride isn't pimp! Anyways the Vehicle Processing Center lady wrote Brian a small but nice check. Sweet! Now I have my car and enough to have a mini shopping spree. What a great day. This, my friends, is why having a hubby really pays off. :)
This entire process took a couple of hours, a couple of hours in which Luke and I got to hang out, sing songs, walk around the PX, eat a cheeseburger and read a book or two. He even read to me which was a special treat and I just happened to capture it on video. Enjoy.

Not much else excitement today. We decided to head up to Schweinfurt (yet another Army base in Germany) to check out their Spring Bazaar. They had a lot of really great stuff - from trinkets to antique furniture and it was all so cool! We didn't get anything though - tons of stuff we wanted but nothing that we needed, or what we were looking for I should say. So we munched on some coconut macaroons and chicken sandwiches and headed back home. It was a looooooooong day filled with way too much driving but it was nice to get out there again and of course, it is great to have my car. Time to sit on the couch and do a whole lot of nothing. Peace out.

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