Saturday, March 29, 2008

50 degrees and sunny

Finally, a nice enough day to get out of the house and find something new to explore.
There are beautiful forests all over Germany with walking paths, ponds and wildlife. We found the WildPark about 25 minutes away from us, in a beautiful forest setting right outside of the small town of Teublitz. The WildPark has all the aforementioned features AND a great children's playground (which we, of course, spent some time at) AND the wildlife is enclosed (in their natural habitats) in large fences so we had a chance to see deer, sheep, rams and birds galore. We spent about an hour and a half walking around and playing. This time of year is the off season so the small food pavilion was closed as well as some other little kiosks that look like they might be shops during the summer. There were other people roaming around the park, young and old alike, an everyone was enjoying the break in the weather. Luke loved hearing all the animals - HONK! BAAA! MAAA! (he actually was pretty concerned when the goose started honking - he couldn't see the goose and he asked with a concerned face "what's that?"). He had a great time at the park and figured out how to hold onto the traditional swings (instead of baby swings) and had a great time chasing the ducks. It was so nice to get out again. Germany rocks.

Enjoy the pictures!

This sheep would not stop BAA-ing at us. Sheep are loud.

The Kinder (children) Park

Look at how high this slide tower is! Luke loved it.

Okay, not too exciting, a squirrel. But look at the freaky long ears he has!! All the squirrels had those things. Hmm, cross between a squirrel and a rabbit perhaps?

Luke chasing ducks. They just quacked and ran away - so he followed!
Awwww...who knew goats started out so stinking cute?
My cute hubby.

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