Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Excuse me, but whose bad luck is this?

As previously mentioned, nothing was horribly destroyed in this move but there were a few sad losses. One of the ill-fated items is this lovely mirror, shattered all over my bathroom floor. It's not an expensive mirror and there is absolutely no sentimental value placed on it. However, it was fairly new and the damage was entirely the packers fault. They wrapped it in a rug. Not a large rug, a fluffy rug or a padded rug, but a small 2 foot by 4 foot door mat. That's it. Gee, I wonder why it broke. Anyhoo, the bad luck is not mine. I don't want it and I'm not taking it. I unwrapped the rug and voila, broken (actually Brian did the initial unwrapping, but that is irrelevant). No bad luck here, just a sad broken mirror.
Moving on...
I took a couple of pictures for you today! Here is our family room area. It still needs a little TLC and some finishing touches but this is how it is going to look for the most part. I have this large mirror I want to hang but the walls here seem to be metal covered in drywall. Sigh. That means my ginormous 50 pound picture hanger hook and nail will not fit into the wall. I have yet to find a solution but I'll pass it on to Brian and he'll think of something ingenious, I'm sure. These Army pilot types are very crafty and resourceful.
Ooooo - and as an added bonus - a picture of our kitchen!! It is on the small side but it is so new and clean and wonderful. The cabinets are nice (not enough of them though), the countertops are perfect and deep and the appliances are fairly new. YAY! No more wondering exactly how many critters are crawling through the holes under the kitchen sink into my house! NEW! CLEAN! ROACH FREE! Doesn't that sound gross? Roaches are a wonderful part of life in Hawaii and they are not your ordinary roaches. These suckers are pumped up on steroids and scare the bejeezus out of you when you see them, with their spiky red legs and their HUGE disgusting bodies. They come out at night and my heart would beat out of my chest in fear and anticipation when I went into the kitchen at night for a glass of water or milk for Luke. The odds were once I flipped on the light I would see one scurrying around and I would feel feel panic, then annoyance, then resignation that I have to now hunt the darn thing down because if it found it's dirty way into my bedroom I would die. Roach bait traps work for exactly 4 months and then start to lose their effectiveness and the roaches would sneak back in so then I would chase then down with a can of Raid and pick up their upside down little carcasses with approximately 15 paper towels wadded up in my hand. Growing up in Wisconsin I never saw a roach. Does Wisconsin have roaches? Maybe they were there but I never saw them and if they were there I bet they weren't the size of a small dog. Anyways, I love my kitchen in all it's splendor and newness. Oh, and the kitchen is it's own room and it has a door that I can shut when the dishwasher is running or I can lock Luke in there when he is being a booger! (kidding, kidding!)The following pictures are of our stairs. When Brian first sent me pictures of the house and I saw these stairs I freaked out and envisioned Luke slipping between the steps and landing on the flight below it. And what if we had another child and he or she was crawling around the house only to fit his or her self between the slats and fall an entire story below??? Now that we are here, my fears are unfounded. Nobody has fallen through the steps and as far as that future baby sliding through them? Well, it's not as big of a worry as I had blown it up to be. Our house has 4 stories - the basement (which is 3 storage rooms and our laundry room), the first floor (living room, kitchen, eating area, front hall and half bathroom), the second floor (3 bedrooms and a huge full bathroom) and the third floor (the master suite and bathroom - nice). Each flight has 15 stairs and on the average day I go up and down these stairs 173 times. So multiply that times 15 and you get a heck of a lot of butt exercise. Buns of steel people, buns of steel.
And of course I have to end my post with pictures of my child. For those of you who are asking where Brian and I are, well, we are behind the camera, duh. We'll post some pics of our big ole mugs for those of you who just can't remember what we look like (you know, you could just look at older posts, pictures galore and a few of us.)

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Alisha Lofgren said...

Your home looks so good! I love the way you decorated. That's too bad about your mirror. Looks so cozy!