Sunday, August 10, 2008

It was a party!

There was a big birthday party in our neighborhood yesterday for 2 little boys that turned six years old. They had a huge blow up slide for the big day - remind me how perfect of an idea that is - they needed NOTHING ELSE to keep all the kids happy. They played on that thing for hours, ate sandwiches and cake, opened presents and enjoyed goodie bags. EL FIN! Luke had a great time, we were outside for 7 straight hours. He loved that big inflatable slide and even got a little daring at the top, jumping and bouncing all over before he would take the plunge down. He got knocked down a few times by the bigger kids but he just shook it off and kept on climbing. The dads got in on the fun too and they were climbing up, cannon balling down, doing flips, rocking it back and forth...leave it to the dads to try to have as much fun as the kids! All the kids thought it was great that the adults were climbing up and leaping down that thing (some moms too! Not me though, nobody wanted the preggo going down the slide.) Luke is still talking about that slide today, telling me that he gets to go to a birthday party and play on the slide after his nap. :) Here are a few of the MANY pictures I took and some video clips of Luke AND Luke and Brian going down the slide.

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Alisha Lofgren said...

Aloha Liz!
I will send you an email here soon. You look really good! I am starting to show more. Seems like it's still cool there? I see you are wearing long sleaves and jeans. Here it's been warm, but not that bad. Are they the German neighbors or the American neighbors of yours? Looks like they all had fun!