Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Castle Ruins - Lupburg & Velburg

Brian is about to start another rotation so for the next couple of weeks we will hardly see him. We decided to have an easy and relaxing weekend and not venture off anywhere too far away. This morning we headed to Lupburg (a small town 2km down the road from us) to see their castle ruins, as well as the Velburg castle ruins (about 15km away). Lupburg's ruins are in the middle of getting renovated but they still allow people to wander and explore. The castle was pretty demolished by bombs, only a couple original walls still stood. The Velburg castle was impressive in that we had to park our car in a small gravel lot and then hike up the top part of a mountain to get to it, quite the workout! But is was neat to see all the old parts and pieces of the stone fortress that used to be around the castle tucked under trees and hiding under the long grass and wildflowers along the way. It looked as if you could film movies there - Braveheart-ish. here is a huge stone entrance still standing, a few small walls and a tower. Luke thought that it was pretty cool that we could see windmills from the castle towers and Brian and I enjoyed the scenery. It was a gorgeous day - temperatures in the high 60s but warming up toward lunch time.


Heading up to the Velburg castle ruins

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MayRae said...

What a beautiful day you had. Love the pics.