Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just a little yoohoo!

There isn't much going on at the Davis household these days so I thought that I would just post a little hello and some small updates so you wouldn't think that I completely disappeared.
Brian is working a rotation now so we don't see much of him. When we do see him, Luke is pretty thrilled. Brian is usually long gone by the time Luke wakes up in the morning but he flew late last night and got to sleep in this morning. Luke was happily surprised to see daddy in bed this morning when he came to wake me up. And, today while shopping at the commissary someone ran up to Luke from behind and picked him up to hug him - it was Brian and Luke was so tickled, "It's daddy!" and then he ditched me to go get sandwiches with dad.
I checked in with the CLEOS office on post to see where Luke is on the wait list for preschool and he is still number 3. It sounds like we are close but you never know! I know he is excited about school (until I drop him off, right?) because I keep talking it up so I would love to get him in a program soon. I did just find out that they are starting a LapSit reading hour at the library for toddlers aged 1-3 every Tuesday morning so I'll start taking Luke to that next week as something for us to do. It sounds like fun and will be a nice introduction for Luke on practicing sitting still for the "teacher."
Other than that, we are having fun planning out possible trips we might take this fall (Belgium, Croatia, The Netherlands.....) and since Luke is getting better and better at understanding and following directions, along with his endless curiosity about everything, I have been trying to introduce him to all sorts of new tasks and crafts. Our child loves doing laundry (I know!), and helping with the microwave and mixer (when I make cakes or bread). He helps throw garbage away and he'll pick up his room when given direction. And for fun activities (although he does think doing laundry is fun, I swear!), we have been painting with sidewalk chalk paint, finger painting, coloring and last week we made homemade play doh and cut out shapes with cookie cutters and let them try. When our next cold and rainy day comes through I am going to let Luke paint them with acrylic paints. And when October rolls around I plan on buying a ridiculous amount of tulip bulbs and a little shovel for Luke and letting him do crazy digging up dirt in the front yard and plunking tulip bulbs in. And of course, when we want something ridiculously fun to do, there is always bowling! Luke took to bowling so fast and knows exactly where the bowling alley is on base. Every time we drive by the building he tells me that we will go bowling another day. It is pretty cute and he is pretty patient about it. I think we'll even go sometime next week when Brian's rotation is over.
And as for me? Well, I am feeling good! My belly has popped out and I seemed to have gained a small little chunk of weight to go along with the belly. My energy is pretty high but my sleep is pretty lousy - it is quite the ordeal to roll over since I am most uncomfortable and achy at night but you get used to it. We should be heading to the doctor in another couple of weeks to check on the baby.
We hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to post some new pictures soon.

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