Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breaking News! (and vacation pictures)

Hannah has a tooth!! Yay! Her little bottom right tooth has broke the surface. It is hardly noticeable but I think she enjoys playing with it with her tongue and her thumb. :)

We had a great time on our vacation to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. The islands are off the coast of Africa (near Morocco) but are part of Spain and Spanish is the official language of the islands. We had fun in the sun for the week we were there. The weather was perfect, the ocean was gorgeous and the food was great! The kids are excellent travelers and had no problem whatsoever with the 2 flights or the layover in Madrid. Luke loved the pools and even went into the bigger pool and swam around with his floaty ring. Hannah got in the water a few times as well. We all took the hotel bus to the beach one of the days and rented a couple chairs and an umbrella and enjoyed a few hours of playing in the ocean and sand. Brian got to surf twice while we are there and he had a great time. The ocean waters at the islands is gorgeous and close to (but not quite) Hawaiian waters. The kids napped together every day around 4pm and we had late dinners every night. I was able to get a pedicure while we were there - a moment of relaxation for mommy. :) We were sad to have to leave the tropical paradise but were eager to get back to our own soft, fluffy and comfortable bed. I took over 325 pictures (I mean really, are you surprised?) but I'll spare you and only post 100 or so here. :)

Okay, these first 2 pictures are not of our vacation but they are cute so I had to share! Brian took Luke for a run one afternoon and Luke completely passed out. :) 

There is nothing better than a clean baby, especially a clean baby who thinks you are fabulous! :) 
On our way!
Headed to the shuttle bus!'s looking a little desolate over here.
Our resort!
Hannah's first dip in the pool
Luke testing the waters

Brian telling Luke that he can touch the bottom of the pool
And Luke thrilled to realize that he indeed CAN!
Tropical sunset
The view from our balcony
Hannah waiting for us to get ready
The beach!  Well, one of the many but this is the one that we went to

Our ocean baby was intimidated by the water at first! Can you believe it? This is what happens when you leave Hawaii.  After about 20 minutes he was loving the ocean again.

Little Spanish girl who thought Luke was great.  You can tell all the American and/or Scottish kiddos on the beach - they are the ones wearing clothes!  lol

This little girl followed Luke everywhere one night.  At first it kind of freaked him out...
...but then he decided that he liked her.  :)

"Look Mommy! Those are big PINEAPPLES!"
Our little tropical princess
This kid is not going to sink.
I just have to add that I have a great picture of Brian and Hannah together but unfortunately there is an Italian man sunbathing in a creepy little speedo right behind them and he is in our picture. EWWWWW!
Playing around after breakfast

Luke talking to Hannah....
....and Hannah thinking Luke is the best thing in the world.
Mommy and baby
And with a new hairbow
Us at the beach on an evening walk.  I have a couple pictures of us without our sunglasses but Brian looks Chinese from squinting in the sun! lol
Throwing rocks in the ocean. (This was taken right before Luke chucked one into the side of Brian's head.  lol  Don't worry, his sunglasses saved his temple from being damaged.  Jeez that kid has an arm!)
I know I have a picture of Luke that looks just like this. I'll have to find it and post it one of these days.
Ready for another swim!

A morning out exploring the area.  See the ugly shrubbery?
Brian RIPPED it out of the earth. He's so strong. 
Brian chopped my head off in this what would have been an adorable picture so I cropped it even more to show off the kiddos.

Daddy went surfing this day so we had a lazy morning

My pedi!

What is that????  A BOOK????  Just so we are clear, this is the FIRST time in our almost 7 years of marriage that I have seen Brian read a book. And it's a FAT book and he actually finished it.  AND, today, he came home from running errands with 2 more books he checked out from the library.  What on earth is happening here?
My napping babies.
The last night we were there, we went to the "mini disco" which is where all the kids dance around to kiddie music.  Luke watched cautiously for about 20 minutes and then was telling me that he wanted to dance with the kids.  I kept encouraging him to go and he was bashful and wouldn't.  After dancing by me for about 5 minutes he said he was going to go by the kids and I said "well go!" and he exclaimed "OKAY!" and he actually did and he loved it!  I have the FUNNIEST video of Luke dancing.  It is total blackmail material when he is older. 

Snacking, waiting for our bus back to the airport.

Hannah banana on the plane.  :)  

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