Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recent pics of the kids

Little man got a summer haircut and Hannah is now sitting. She is 6 months old as of today and we celebrated her half birthday at the doctor's office for her well baby and shots. Banana is 14 1/2 pounds and almost 27" long. I'm pretty sure Luke was 16 pounds by this age and an inch or so longer - I'd check but his baby book is in the dresser in Hannah's room and she is napping right now.  

Hannah is a drool machine with her little teeth starting to pop through.  That green thing in her mouth is a nubby, bumpy pacifier that she can chew on and massage her gums with.


Awww....sitting so pretty.  You should see the picture of her I took when she toppled over.  She was so upset! lol

Now that Hannah is getting better and better at sitting, Luke loves showing her everything, including how to play his new game, Don't Break the Ice.

6 months old! See the little bandaids on her legs?  Three shots today!

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Kerum said...

She's so PRETTY, Liz! And Luke is just do darn COOL! That's what Austin always wants to be called, so I figured I'd call Luke that too! He doesn't want to be cute, funny, silly, or anything else but COOL! LOL They are both getting so big!