Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend in Prague!

We headed back to Prague this weekend for a 3 day, 2 night trip. Last time we were there was in September of last year when I was about 21 weeks pregnant. (For more historical information on Prague and all the historical sites we saw, click here to go back to my September post, it's chock full of info. This post is just chock full of pictures!)  We had fun taking some of the same pictures we did last time. I'll have to pull the other pictures up so we can compare. :)
Hannah was great the entire time and slept like a champ the first night, not so much the second night but that is okay, we are back in our own home tonight so the sleep will surely improve, right? Luke had a BLAST! He loved walking around, seeing the clocks, the bridges and the shops. He adored those stupid gross fake ferret things that are attached to the plastic balls. Thankfully we had him convinced that they were just for kids to look at and you can't buy them. LOL. He thought the Charles Bridge was awesome and he had fun looking at the ducks and boats in the water. We bought a couple cool, inexpensive wooden toys for Luke, a cute dress for Hannah and a watercolor painting for us. We stayed in the Hilton in Old Town and it was a perfect location. We walked miles and miles, enjoyed the local restaurants, frequented Starbucks (I know, I know, but it WAS in the Old Town Market Square which is by the Astronomical Clock Tower which is historical after all so it was coffee with history!) We had the best time. Prague is a city that I could go to over and over and never get tired of it.

Our Hotel - The Hilton in Old Town

Brian and his kiddos.  Aww.....
Right up the street from our hotel.
Hannah passed out right before dinner at the same restaurant we ate at last year. 
****Luke LAST YEAR - Sept 2008****
Luke THIS year on July 3, 2009 - same window!  :)
Brian & Hannah
We have pictures of us with Luke at this exact spot last year.
I am ashamed to say, we visited this Starbucks THREE times!  ;)  And it was darn good.
Astronomical Clock Tower
Old Town Square
Our Lady of Tyn Church

Good morning sunshines!!  :)
Luke got some shades this trip!
Fruit stand at the outdoor market
I LOVE these market stands!  
This little toy cost practically nothing and it kept Luke occupied at Starbucks and at the restaurant we stopped at for lunch.
Astronomical clock tower, again!

Luke carried that green bag the entire afternoon - he was so excited to have his own purchase.
On the Charles Bridge

Prague Castle
Holding the castle, just like last year!
Lesser Old Town
John Lennon graffiti wall

Me and my happy baby at a pizza place by the John Lennon wall.

A stop for ice cream!
Brian carried Hannah in the carrier for over an hour and she was awake the whole time, the second I carried her, she passed out and slept for about an hour and a half.  This is right after she woke up.
We went to TGIFridays for dinner on the 4th - we went American!  :) And Luke got balloons!
And those balloons...
...kept him happy and occupied...
(Jewish temple)
...the rest of the day.  :)
(However, he was totally stumped this morning when his balloons that were up on the ceiling before he went to bed, were laying on the floor when he woke up. LOL)
Street car!
Hannah Banana!

Didn't cha know that Luke is uber famous over here and has to go out incognito? lol
Nobody will ever recognize him! (A number of tourists thought this was adorable. A British lady thought he was too cute and a group of Germans? Czecks? was watching him and smiling - I think someone might of even snapped a picture.)
I made him lose the shades for our photo. 
Happy baby in Starbucks!
Happy three year old in Starbucks! (Like his reusable snack bag? Full of trail mix, he carried it with us wherever we went!)
Art work

Walking with daddy back to the hotel. We had to check out!
Leaving Prague
At a pit stop on the way back to Germany.


LilacAve said...

How cute is she!!!!!!!!!!!

LilacAve said...

Sorry thought I was just commenting on the last photo!
Love all the pics. amazing how your son looks the same but different since last year...growing is an amazing thing! And you are so happy and beautiful as well. What a great trip!!!!

Kerum said...

Great pictures!!! Don't you just LOVE the Ergo?!? I always have mine in the car (unless I am using it inside the house!)

The kids look so big! Looks like they travel really well. So glad you are able to get out and about in Europe while you're there...even though I am a bit jealous of it! :-)

Alisha Lofgren said...

Liz! Hey girl, I have been horrible about my blog, we get to move into our home tomorrow, so once we are finally situated I will update it. Love all the pics, beautiful! Hannah is such a pretty,smiley girl! Luke is so big now, he's a handsome little guy! Looks like you all are enjoying Germany so much. When are you supposed to leave? Are you ready to leave?
Well, keep in touch, will write again soon!
Love and miss you!