Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Texas Tech Red Raiders vs Baylor Bears - Saturday November 29, 2008

Daddy and Grandpa had sideline passes! And Brian spotted us! CHEESE!

Uncle Dave hard at work
Luke enjoying a pretzel

Sara and Luke waiting for the game to start

Dad and Brian on the sideline

Luke LOVED the game. We stayed the entire time - he was clapping, cheering and putting his guns up. :)
VIDEO!!! It was senior day at the game and they were announcing all the seniors who would run out to the field to their families and give their moms flowers. Luke got into it - what a great fan! :)

Dad at the stadium
Brian walking up to our seats - in the shade - brrrrrrr.
It's so nice and warm in the sun down on the sidelines!
Uncle Dave at the 40 yd line and dad and Brian standing behind the bench

Luke enjoyed the game even more once daddy came up to the seats! Brian held him up so he could see all of the game.

Uncle Dave chatting with dad before the second half starts.

Grandpa ready for the second half to start - notice the sun has left the sidelines so he is chilly like the rest of us. :)

This is Luke putting his "guns" up - the stadium was shouting "RAIDER!" "POWER!" while putting their guns up and Luke joined in. He couldn't stop talking about the football game after it was over.
The scoreboard
Me and Brian - yay Red Raiders!

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