Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The latest

Nope, no baby yet although I keep wishing!  :)  A little over 4 weeks to go and I honestly wouldn't mind if she made her appearance a little early.  Her brother was 10 days late though so I'm not holding my breath.  
I have had, however, crazy bursts of energy lately.  Call it nesting, call it what you will, but not too much of this extra energy has been put towards deep cleaning (although there has been a lot of rearranging of furniture, organizing of all rooms, dressers and closets along with some major usage of the washing machine....i digress...), instead my energy has been thrown into opening a new online shop!  I am pretty excited about this new venue - it is a little more "artsy" than Etsy so I hope that I can still have some success over there AND it is a fairly new site, created this year actually so it doesn't have the traffic that Etsy does but I love the look of it and the gallery style of my shop page and my product page.  It also has a blog feature so I can post random crafty things over there - in fact, not only did I post an introduction blurb over there but I posted some of the amazing pictures of all the ceramics that we saw in Italy.  It is an outlet where I can share some of the more "crafty" things that I do and the pictures that I take.  
I invite you to stop on by and check it out.  I hope to add more and more items to my shop and maybe even expand my crochet section (right now there are just scarves) but I am open to suggestions and would love to have additional input!  
We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope that you all are doing well.  

My new shop site - http://fraybaby.1000markets.com and of course, my existing Etsy site - http://fraybabybibsandmore.etsy.com

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