Saturday, December 13, 2008

Playing in the Snow and the Hexenagger Market

It snowed here this past week! Winter wonderland and I love it! It totally is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Our tree is up, decorations are out and low we have an amazing white blanket of snow everywhere. I just need to start busting out the Christmas cookies and fudge and we have it made!
Luke and I took advantage of the snow and played outside, sledding down our tiny backyard hill and making a snowman. And yesterday, all 3 of us ventured out to Hexenagger, a tiny town about 35 minutes away from us, that holds an amazing and magical medieval Christmas market.

"High above the Schambach valley there lies a knights (hunters) castle full of history which first was mentioned in historical books in 982. The Castle of Hexenagger has been part of the royal family Weidenbach since 1834. We, family Leichtfuß and our descendants run the castle along with our helpful "castle ghosts". "

They open the castle for various events through the year and during the Christmas season, "On the four Advent weekends we again open our gates, to give our guests from near and far a few unforgettable hours in a very special atmosphere, and with the help of our diligent "castle ghosts", to turn Castle Hexenagger into a Winter Wonderland!. The sweet smell of sugar-roasted almonds and mulled wine, over 30,000 lights, candles and torches, Christmas music, and the ambiance within the historical walls casts a spell over the visitors. "

We had a great time at the market, it was so beautiful, but we had dinner plans at a friends house so we didn't get to see all the vendors and see all the sites but we hope to go back next Advent weekend. Here are our pictures from our snowfall, playing outside and the Hegenagger castle market.

Brian at the Hexenagger Market

Luke munching on his pretzel, watching the Christmas pyramids spin round and round.

It's me! See those little sheds behind me? Those are some of the many vendor sites - they were beautifully decorated, heated with lamps or candles and scented with pine, cider or Christmas incenses.

A picture from one of the castle lookouts.
The view from the castle lookout

Mini ponies! Luke loved watching the ponies walk by with kids on their backs. Brian and I just thought they were goofy looking! :)

The Hexenagger castle

The walkway down the slope from the castle, decorated with lights and oil lamps, you can see the row of vendors below.

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