Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our little man is 3!

Luke turned 3 on Thanksgiving this year! We celebrated in Lubbock, Texas at Uncle Dave's house. Grandma and Grandpa flew into town as well and we had a great weekend - filled with food (TONS of it - Uncle Dave went crazy on the desserts and we had a huge Thanksgiving meal of course), football games (not only on TV but we went to the Texas Tech/Baylor game) and shopping (Target on black Friday...oooo, daring!). The theme of Luke's birthday this year was turkey! No, it wasn't a cop-out, if anything it made it a lot of fun! Turkey decorations were everywhere - turkey place mats, turkey finger puppets, turkey balloons, turkey hats and even a turkey cupcake for the birthday boy and a fall themed cake for the rest of us. We had a morning of playing with balloons and toys followed by a nap and then a huge Thanksgiving feast. After the feast it was birthday cake time and Luke could not WAIT to get his hands on that turkey cupcake. That is, until we brought out the candle and then all he wanted to do (over and over and over again) was blow that darn thing out. After a round of Happy Birthday, Luke blew out the candles and asked daddy to put fire back on the candle and daddy did, about 12 more times. :)

In honor of Luke turning 3, I thought I would post some "Luke-isms" - funny things our 3 year old thinks and says.
- Luke can not say the word "just". I have no idea why but he says "sherf" and no matter how many times I try to correct him, "sherf" is what comes out. "Luke, do you want cereal and milk?" "No milk, sherf cereal." "Luke, do you want to read these books?" "Sherf the dinosaur one." (Yes he can say dinosaur but he can't say just) ;)
- Luke remembers everything. He remembers that he got gumballs while at grandma and grandpa's house in Tennessee and that he licked them and they got sticky and we had to throw them away. He randomly tells us about it. He remembers that the toilets in airplanes are loud when flushed and every time we go to a public restroom he tells us about how noisy airplane potties are. He tells people that the yellow car wash is in Germany, that more than 1 vitamin is poison and that the red medicine is gross. And when he saw our dog Scout while visiting Brian's parents in North Carolina, he right away said he wanted to see Sadie too. Awwww.... (We had to put Sadie down this past January.) And I can't forget that after I accidentally knocked over Luke's milk at Chick-fil-a, Luke told everyone "ya, mommy spilt the milk" for the next 2 days. It is funny to hear what comes out his mouth.
- Everything is colors and shapes, it is how he chooses to remember things. He tells me he wants the green purple yogurt (the key lime Yoplait Whips yogurt in the purple container), the hexagon cookies (the 100 calorie snack pack of Oreos), the square orange cheesy crackers, the yellow m&ms (peanut), the orange vitamins (Flintstones with extra vitamin C), etc, etc, etc...
- Luke doesn't just say "please." He says "I gotta say please." He'll ask for something and we say "what do you say?" and he says "I gotta say please." Every time. Lately we have been saying, "well just say please then" and he just looks at us and bobs his head up and down while saying "I gotta say please."

I know there are many, many more things that Luke does on a daily basis that are uniquely his own and they make us laugh. He is such a fun little boy and we are glad that he is ours. :) We had a great Thanksgiving birthday and we have the pics to prove it. Enjoy!

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Kelsey said...

Looks like a fun celebration! Three years old and soon to be a big brother, it's going to be quite a year for Luke. Glad you're having a good visit.