Saturday, June 20, 2009

Goings Ons

We have chairs!!  Okay, we've always had chairs but for the past year we have been hunting for new kitchen chairs to go with our big ole kitchen table.  Everything has either been too antique (therefore rickety) or too fru-fru (therefore expensive). And then today, we stumbled upon 4 chairs that were simple and reminded us of the chairs in the local restaurants. Brian asked how much the chairs were and she responded 8 Euro - wow! 8 Euro a chair is great! But we wanted to keep looking around to see what else was out there - we weren't quite sure if the chairs were tall enough for our table and they would need a little work.  We had a great time walking around and then it started pouring on us, which Luke loved. We went back to the chair lady and told her we wanted the chairs.  She helped us gather up all 4 chairs and Brian handed her a 50 Euro bill and she went to get change for us. She returned and handed Brian 42 Euros back! I guess we need German lessons because she had been telling us that ALL 4 chairs were 8 Euros! So Brian and I looked at each other and didn't know whether we should give her more money because she gave us such a great deal or RUN LIKE THE WIND before she realized that we would have paid more, a LOT more.  (If you are wondering, we speed-walked to the car, lol)

Luke standing in the rain, he LOVED it!
And the aftermath, totally soaked. Good thing I had a dry shirt for him because he does not like sitting in wet clothes. 

It turns out the chairs were from a BrauHaus in Munich! They are stamped on the bottom. We worked on sanding and staining the chairs this afternoon.  2 are complete, 2 more to go. What do you think? We do pretty good work, huh?   

Before and After
Next to the table. Pretty close match, huh?

Tonight while I was on the phone, I heard Luke say "This is a music book. Let's read it! You have to push the buttons...." So I went to peek and Hannah was happily sitting in her Bumbo and Luke was sitting in front of her, showing her his book. He pressed a button and started singing "Be kind to your web footed friends....."  It was adorable. Hannah just adores Luke and her face lights up when he walks into the room. Most of the time he is oblivious to her watching him but when he notices her, he lights up too and says "Hi baby girl!" He is going to have so much fun when she starts to sit and play more, I don't think he realizes that she will eventually be his little playmate.  

Luke is doing fantastic in 5 day a week preschool.  He knows the days of the week now too. He also knows his birthday (November 27th 2005!) . He is very, very talkative and very funny. The other day I was upstairs and I hear him yelling for me "Mom! Hey mom! LIZZIE!!!! LIZZIE!!! Where are you??" Oh my gosh, I about died laughing.  When I came down he looked at me and exclaims "Oh, there you are! I was looking for you. I want some cheese."  lol, too cute. 

Oh, and one of my good friends is an amazing painter and we bartered a little trade awhile ago. I would make her a fantastic canvas tote bag and a couple zipper pouches to match it and she would paint a chair that I found while "junking" in the neighborhood.  I just got the completed chair yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. Isn't it gorgeous? She painted it to match a wooden box that I purchased at the Hexenager Christmas market last year. And it matches perfectly!


nikid said...

Like the chairs - nice job!! What a steal!!
I just saw hot chocolate! My DH wants a mini! He drove one the entire time we were in Germany and keeps thinking of getting one!

Kelsey said...

I will not tell you how many times I had to read that to see if I was getting the chair price right!

Congrats on the find! :-)