Saturday, June 13, 2009


Again, it's busy around here! But I managed to make some time to post a quick update.  Let's see - Brian is in rotation right now so he is working long hours and flying nights. He gets in a 3am or so. Hannah got her passport so now we are clear to travel outside of Germany! Yay! I think we'll end up taking 1 big hurrah trip, 1 smaller trip and some road trips before we officially leave Germany. We'll probably be leaving around November or December of this year and no, we do not know where we are going next. Brian is finishing up all his grad school applications and once we decide where to go, we'll let you know!  Luke just got into 5 day a week preschool and starts on Monday.  He's pretty excited and it will give me a little more free time as well. The only bummer, that I have to pick him up right as Hannah will be wanting to go down for a nap.  Hannah has officially made herself a routine over the last few days - go to bed at 8:30pm, wake up at 4:30am for a feeding (which totally STINKS!, for mom at least) but then she sleeps in until 9am. Then she takes a 2 hour nap starting at 11:30am. And then another nap about an hour to an hour and a half  around 4pm.  Luke knows his birthday and it is cute to hear him say that his birthday is November 27th 2005!!  Oh, and Brian got a new car!  It is pretty cute and very fun to drive!  It's name? Hot Chocolate!  lol
Pics of the kids, and the car. Enjoy!


Kerum said...

I can't believe it's time for you to leave Germany already! Doing the grad school thing is definitely different than normal Army life. Having Brian home a lot is great, but we really miss the Army community.

The kids are looking cuter than ever! And the car is cute too! I'm guessing you'll be bringing it back with you???

OH...and great job on the Dot Com you have for yourself! It looks great!

Glaubitz Haus said...

Your babies are always eye-candy, but then to have "hot chocolate" too? Wow.

Liz, your site is great. You have so much talent. Your fabric choices are the best.

It's great to be able to keep up with you guys.

Liz - FrayBabyBibsandMore said...

Awww...thank you so much to both of you! :) I've been having a great time, and challenging time, working on my "hobby". I really hope to turn it into something and wow, that takes a lot of work! But my kiddos come first and that is why I need about 6 more hours in the day. ;)