Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strawberry Patch!

Brian had off work yesterday so we thought it would be fun to take Luke to the strawberry patch after school. The patch is in Velburg, just down the road from our favorite German restaurant so at 3:45pm, we headed out to pick strawberries and afterwards we hit up the Winklerbrau for dinner. Luke loved picking strawberries! He kept telling me, "Mommy! We don't pick the green ones, only the red ones. Green ones aren't ripe and taste de-gusting" (He must have tried one. lol) While Hannah napped in her car seat, Brian, Luke and I enjoyed picking a kilo of berries and then it started to monsoon on us so we made a mad dash to the car. The torrential rain only lasted about 10 minutes and we enjoyed a nice sunshiny dinner at the Winklerbrau, where I had wild boar with juniper cream sauce, spaetzel, and pear with cranberries, Brian had the jagerschnitzel with brat-kartofflen (fried potatoes), and Luke had a paar (pair) of wurst with spaetzel. Jealous? Maybe you need to visit us!

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Alisha Lofgren said...

Beautiful pics! It's funny to see you all wearing sweaters and things while we are over here sweating in the heat! enjoy your cool weather!