Saturday, January 31, 2009

MILs last day

My Mother in Law was such a huge help to us over the last 2 weeks. She flew into town on January 18th, quickly recovered from jet lag, was treated to a delicious German meal at our favorite restaurant and all of a sudden became the sole care provider for Luke - I went into labor on January 20th. Hannah Claire Davis was born on the 21st of January and for 3 straight days, Luke hung out with his grandma, while seeing his daddy a glimpse at a time. Not only did my MIL take care of Luke and become his favorite playmate, but she cleaned our house, did our laundry and constantly kept the kitchen clean. Now that Hannah is 10 days old and I have been home with her for a week now, I am feeling great - it is amazing the difference between your first child and your second, you aren't as overwhelmed and almost everything seems like old hat. We've been doing a lot of things with Hannah that we did with Luke (as far as feeding and sleeping) and we are so much more laid back (I didn't say completely laid back, do you not know me at all? I'm just saying I don't feel the stress this time around.) Anyways, my point is, now that we have gotten through the first week plus of Hannah's life, I do believe that my MIL gave us one of the best gifts we could have received, she took care of whatever our other child needed and took care of our house so it is easy for me to slide right back into the groove of things and not feel totally taken over by housework and kiddie demands. Dinah, thank you so much for making the trip out here to help out Brian and I. It meant a lot to us that Luke could stay at home with family while we went to the hospital to have Hannah. I am so glad that you got to have such quality time with Luke and with your new granddaughter.
Here are pictures from Grandma's last day in Germany - Brian took her to Regensburg to see the Old Stone Bridge, the St. Peter's Cathedral and historic downtown. The kids and I stayed home and that is why there is only 1 picture from their trip, yes, 1. Can you believe it? ;)

9 days old...

She makes this face quite often and it cracks me up - she cuts her eyes back and forth like she thinks you are up to no good. 
What's this? Another pair of leg warmers? Yes, it is and I ordered more.  :)

Luke and Grandma talking to Hannah
Luke is really great with her - always fairly gentle and never mean (yet!)
Poor Hannah - doesn't anyone see that her head is just too heavy to put back by herself?  She's looking a little old man-ish here.  :) 

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