Friday, January 16, 2009

We bid A'Dieu to Blue Blankie

It is with heavy hearts that we had to bid a'dieu to blue blankie.  Blue blankie has been with Luke since he was about 9 months old. He has loved that thing until it's very end, when it was a sad, threadbare, unraveling, stinky mess.  For the last month of blue blankie's existence, Brian and I would tie up it's loose strings, weave them back into place and knot them up so Luke wouldn't trip on them as he was dragging blue blankie around the house.  He would take that thing everywhere, chewing on it's corners, sticking his fingers through the ever increasing and enlarging holes.  Last week when he emerged from his playroom in the basement with his blankie in his hand and a trail of yarn going all the way back down into the playroom, we finally convinced him that blue blankie was falling apart and that we need to throw it away.  We've been telling him for awhile that the blankie is stinky (we were literally throwing it in the wash almost every day) and that we would have to get rid of it soon.  That day, upon emerging from the basements with his sad blankie that was unraveling beyond repair, he walked into the bathroom and threw his blankie away.  He came over to where I was sitting and said "I frow away blue blankie. It's falling apart. Mommy crochet new blue blankie." So that is exactly what I did.  It is not as large as blue blankie, but the intent of these blankets is comfort, not warmth, and he seems to have taken to it pretty well.  I am just so grateful that Luke gracefully threw his beloved blankie in the garbage and that there wasn't an awful battle about it.  Here is a blue blankie montage, followed by pictures of the new blue blankie.  

(Baby update: Regular contractions all day long but not strong enough to do squat.  Poo!  Hopefully baby girl will make her arrival soon.)

Luke and blue blankie - September 2006
Luke and blue blankie - August 2006 - at our home in Hawaii
Blue blankie on vacation with us in Maui - November 2007
Blue blankie at Disneyland Paris! June 2008
Blue blankie - a vital part of our Venetian experience. October 2008

I really wish I took a picture of the sad, sad state of blue blankie before we trashed it.  We had patched up the huge holes a dozen times and threads were hanging off all over the place.  Anyway, here are pictures of the second generation blue blankie. I crocheted with 2 colors of yarn simultaneously (white and variegated blue) so it is a thicker blanket that the original but the white border around the edge is single strand so it has the feel of the first blue blankie.  And, a tidbit that is probably only exciting to me, that border is a new "odd" stitch that I taught myself!  I was pretty excited the way it turned out.  (Hey mom, notice that the blanket is one huge granny square?  I rock!)

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Kelsey said...

Hey Liz! Sorry I haven't been commenting much... but I loved the blue blankie images. Luke is such a big boy to move on to the new one without much trauma. I hope that baby girl comes soon and safely for you!