Friday, September 12, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Brian is coaching and playing quarterback for a flag football team this year! All the guys are from his unit - the Falcons - and they have just enough players to be able to play. Last night they had their first scrimmages of the season and Luke and I headed up to the Sportzplatz on base to check the team out in action. They ended up having 2 games so Luke and I stayed for the first one only. They did a pretty good job and ended up with a win. The second game apparently did not go as well and they lost 19-0 with MANY penalties (dropping shoulders and plowing into players) and warnings (language). Glad we weren't around for that game - LOL!

I, of course, was there with camera in tow and got some great pictures, including 1 of Luke running onto the field (it was half time) and Brian running after him. Luke had fun running around but pretty much wanted to be by daddy or throw the football the whole time so for the second half of the game Luke played in daddy's car. :)

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Glaubitz Haus said...

Liz, Brian, Luke & Baby Girl!

This is Randy & Janean from Kansas City.

First, past-due congratulations on your baby.

Secondly, Liz, your photos are wonderful. Thank you for "sharing" the Davis crew, as well as Germany.

Do you know there is a Glaubitz, Germany? It's in the east. That antique shop made our mouths water!