Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look what I can do!

I crochet! :) Ugggg, does that make me sound like I am 80? I play Bunco, crochet, sew, like to read and enjoy watching my shows. Yup, I'm 31 going on 80.
Okay, so Bunco is an excuse to get together with all the girls and have a great time, I sew fun totes and super cute baby stuff, I read mystery (and sometimes trashy) novels, and my "shows" consist of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Project Runway. And crocheting is actually a cool skill to have under my belt. So far I have made a super cool and hip thin crocheted red scarf, a great baby blanket and I have started a cotton washcloth with a new stitch I learned and am working on yet another blanket for my crochet-loving child, Luke. (He's been attached to crocheted blankets ever since he was an infant.) I'm digging it. Not only does it result in something pretty cool, but it is relaxing to do and I am starting to be able to do it while watching TV - very cool. I live in Germany for Pete's sake! It's cold 7 or 7 months out of the year so I can make us a bunch of cozy scarves and blankies (and eventually hats! I have to learn that stitch first), and it gives me something (else) to do for those days we are stuck inside all day due to weather. Anyhoo - wanted to show off my latest creation and give you a 23 week preggo picture.

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Alisha Lofgren said...

Your home looks cozy, and you look cute! I haven't aken any pics since I have been pregnant with this one. I should, now that I am showing. The blanket looks really good, I am impressed!
Well, I have been n "standby" since yesterday. I am trying to take a space a flight to So.Cal. I am going to try and get on another flight leaving tomorrow from K-Bay and arriving in 29 palms then on to North Island, Coronado. Hope it works out! I have got to be patient. Atleast I have been able to help Ken get more things done:pay bills, clean-up around house, etc...W'ell shall see what happens tomorrow! Wish my luck! Will get in touch soon...