Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This and that

Hello all! Things have been busy here at the Davis household. Brian's rotation finished up last week and he was treated to a 5 day weekend. We've been running around and having fun with daddy for the past 5 days and tomorrow it is back to work. Luke is pretty happy to have daddy around. He's been tugging on Brian's hand when he wants a friend to play with, which is not only nice for mommy, but it is pretty adorable.
Yesterday we ventured to a huge antique shop a little over an hour away and although we had fun looking around, we came away empty handed. Later that afternoon we piled into the car and headed to a chocolate factory about 15-20 minutes away from the house. It is called Seidl Confiserie and if you want to take a peek, click here. They have the most amazing chocolates and we spent at least 30 minutes there checking everything out. Luke thought the animals (robotic) placed all over the shop were pretty cool - there were elephants, a zebra, lion, tiger, polar bear and a talking parrot. And then he found the candy sample basket (placed at children's level - nice) and stuffed his cheeks full. We ended up getting a sample bag of chocolates (truffles), a sample bag of dark, milk and white covered mixed nuts and dried fruits (YUM!!) and 2 chocolate bars, 1 chocolate pecan and 1 chocolate coffee. The chocolates there are definitely gift giving worthy so if you're lucky we just might hook you up with some deliciousness.
We have a busy month ahead of us. Today I started a new session of PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) bible study and tomorrow and Thursday Luke is headed to child care at the chapel while I attend a Prayer Shawl ministry (I'm going to learn how to knit!) that is base wide and the Catholic Women's meeting. I plan to have him in the chapel childcare every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. Shoot, he's still on the wait list for preschool so this is a great alternative and I get to hang out with some fun ladies and have a fun bible study session - we are watching the series "How to Get your Child to Mind, without Losing Yours" and it is a funny and practical series.

I'll leave you with some random pictures from the past few days. There aren't any of me though. I'll get Brian to take some pictures soon. I am in my 21st week and feeling pretty good. We are hoping to go to Prague for a couple days next weekend so I'll have some great pictures from that trip for sure. Hope you all are doing well.

Brian pulling things out of Luke's ear - Magic!

Luke asked daddy to build a tower with him...
and then he wanted to be just like daddy and build it from up on the ottoman.
Luke fell asleep on the way to the antique store.

This little table and chair set is so cute!
And we found some old fashioned sleds. Fun at the antique shop. :)

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Alisha Lofgren said...

Aloha Liz!
Been busy with my in-laws, that's why I haven't been online much lately. We took a trip to Kauai and just got back a few days ago. So beautiful and relaxing, it's hard to come back to this island and face the stresses of every day life! But, everything is going well. I find out what baby is on Thursday, will let you know what he/she is! We are going to Polynesian Culture center today for luau only.
I am glad you are going to PWOC, that's awesome, you get a little break and get to fellowship and study the Word. I am enjoying our study this sememster. I am doing a Beth Moore study: The fruits of the spirit. I think it will be a good one.
I better go, need to get ready, sorry about the long comment!