Monday, September 22, 2008

It's confirmed - she's a girl!

I went to the doctor this morning for a check up and he confirmed that the baby is indeed a little girl. He first told us she was a girl at my 16 week appointment but I wanted to be absolutely certain before I started telling the whole world. Now that I am past 22 weeks and the baby is a lot bigger, it is even easier to tell the sex.
The appointment was fast and easy. The doctors here are pretty laid back. I gained a ridiculous amount of weight over the past 6 weeks (more than the first 16 weeks combined!) and the nurses and doctor just smile and say "Oh, es gut!" The doctor said she is measuring perfectly and my belly looks great (isn't that a funny thing to say?) Oh, and she is very long. The sonogram machine predicted my due date at January 15th, going on the size of the baby, but since we are a TALL family and Luke was 22 inches when he was born the doctor said that my due date (the 24th of January) is pretty accurate and he won't be changing it. We'll just have a tall little girl, just like her brother.
I also got permission to fly to the states in November. He put the last date safe air travel at December 14th and since we are planning on returning sometime the first week of December, I'm in the clear.
Four more months of pregnancy to go - complete with heart burn, weight gain, oh, and the all new treat that I was graced with last night - CHARLEY HORSES! Oh my gosh I thought I was going to die, my calf had seized up and there was nothing I could do to ease the pain. My doctor said magnesium should help. We'll see. :)


Alisha Lofgren said...

Congrats on the little girl, how exciting! When we found out, at first I was unsure how I will handle a girl since I am so used to having a boy! It will be fun to buy her clothes and things! I am sure it will be fun! How is Brian feeling about you all having a little girl? Ken was hoping for another boy, but he is getting used to the fact that we'll be having a daughter soon!
I got your e-mail, sounds like you are enjoying europe and staying busy! I really miss it there! I told you would enjoy it! A once in a lifetime opportunity....
I will be leaving this Wed in the morning to Ca, I hope I get on the flight okay. Take care, and will write more in a few days. I am just getting ready for our trip....
Don't worry about the weight gain, we are supposed to be gaining a poound a week now, right? People keep telling me all the sudden I have popped out, she's growing, as I seem to get hungry quite often!

Kerum said...

Congrats Davis Family!!! How does Luke feel about having a little sister?

I feel ya on those charlie horses! I get them at night too...they are horrible.

Congrats again...and have fun during your trip back to the States before you can't travel anymore!

Anonymous said...
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Jenn said...

yeah!!! Congrats...I know a girl that makes GREAT burp cloths!!!
Couldn't be happier for ya'll..wish we were closer!

Kelsey said...

Oh, I thought you'd have a girl! Congratulations again!